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We have the perfect solution for lunch or energy-rich small meals that gives the staff power and focus to be present and efficient at work. Call or contact us and we will arrange the perfect lunch or coffee break with food and smoothies. Just get in touch with us on our contact page or come by and visit us today! Or why not to treat your colleagues to a real kick start of the day with smoothies or salad wraps? According to your wishes and your demand we solve most everything.

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Our Food Philosophy


Food should be healthy and a tasty, and the meal should be easy and fresh.

With our food, you don’t have to think about whether you’re getting enough fibre, too much fat or whether the ingredients are good for you.

We work daily to combine the best raw materials and are also thinking about our environment.

We make our own homemade sauces that makes tasty combinations of fruit, vegetables and proteins.

You should feel satisfied and delighted after our meals, and the green approach means that you don’t feel “blown up” or tired. Instead you will get a small energy bomb with our fantastic meals.

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Welcome to Aloha Poke


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