Our Food Philosophy


Food should be healthy and a tasty, and the meal should be easy and fresh.

With our food, you don’t have to think about whether you’re getting enough fibre, too much fat or whether the ingredients are good for you.

We work daily to combine the best raw materials and are also thinking about our environment.

We make our own homemade sauces that makes tasty combinations of fruit, vegetables and proteins.

You should feel satisfied and delighted after our meals, and the green approach means that you don’t feel “blown up” or tired. Instead you will get a small energy bomb with our fantastic meals.


Have you heard about the latest reports showing that processed food affects our health. “From a research in 2021, more than half, 52 percent, of Sweden’s population aged 16-84 reported being overweight or obese (figure 1). The figures was higher among men, 58 percent, than among women, 46 percent.” taken from a 2021 survey, www.folkhälsomyndigheten.se.

The doctor profile Chris van Tulleken, who have made programs for the BBC, showed in a documentary from 2021, “What do we feed our children with?”, how processed food can change the body in just 4 weeks! Chris who himself ate 80% processed food for 4 weeks period had increased in weight by 6kg and his hormones that control the feeling of hunger had increased by 30% while the hormone responsible for satisfaction had decreased. At the same time, the junk food had created new connections in the brain’s reward system that made Chris only want to look for processed food.

Our natural food with the right composition of fibres, fats, minerals and vitamins counterattacs the negative effects of processed food!

We say bye bye to junk food and Aloha and Welcome to Green Love and a fresh start.